Looking to make a change in your home, but not something super major? A fresh coat of paint and a new living room color palette might do the trick. With a variety of different styles to choose from, here are eight different color palettes to brighten your living room.

beige and white living room decor
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Beige and White (Contemporary)

It may seem boring, but it’s anything but. Nothing says contemporary like a beige and white living room color palette. Accent the room with wicker, and natural patterns and textures like coffee and side tables, frames, lamps, etc. This will add a visual interest to the space bringing out neutral hues. From the wallpaper to the wicker coffee table, pattern and texture are the ingredients that add visual interest to a space filled with soft neutral hues. 

Paint Colors to Consider: 

Charcoal Gray & Navy Blue (Contemporary) 

If you are looking for a darker, contemporary look no further than a charcoal gray and navy blue color combo. This bold living room color palette will give your living room a modern farmhouse look especially when paired with wood accents and multi-hued lighting.

Paint colors to consider: 

  • Nocturne Blue by Behr 
  • Hudson Bay by Benjamin Moore 
  • Bright Future by Magnolia Home 
  • Signature by Magnolia Home 
blue and gray living room
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Blue and Gray (Contemporary) 

The old farmhouse renovated look is a very popular style of decorating for living rooms. For this look, consider using a blue and gray color scheme. For a perfect blue shade consider: 

  • Stunning by Benjamin Moore 
  • Indigo Blue by Sherwin-Williams 
  • Optimum Blue by Behr 
  • Blue Skies by Magnolia Home 

Pair this look with gray furniture and think about utilizing a textured wallpaper. 

Dark Green and Cream (Modern Rustic)

For a more Modern Rustic look, you’ll love this dark green and cream color scheme! The dark color is perfect for making cream-colored furnishings stand out in your space. This color scheme is also perfect for foliage décor! 

Paint colors to consider:

  • Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore 
  • North Woods by Behr 

Blue and Yellow (Classic English)

We love this classic English color palette! By opting for a subtle blue and yellow color scheme, you’ll feel tucked right into the English countryside. features two favorite hues from across the pond.

Paint colors to consider: 

  • Denim Drift by Dulux 
  • Winter Solstice by Magnolia Home 
  • Whipple Blue by Benjamin Moore
teal and white living room decor
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Teal and White (Mid-Century) 

A very popular living room choice, teal and white color palettes give off a beautiful mid-century look. This is the perfect look for something coastal and pairs perfectly with warm natural wood tones. You may even want to consider a teal accent wall! 

Paints colors to consider: 

  • Under The Stars by Magnolia Home 
  • Paradise Landscape by Behr 
  • Palm Coast Teal by Benjamin Moore 
  • Silos White by Magnolia Home 
  • Crisp Linen by Benjamin Moore

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Pink and Brown (BoHo)

For a more BoHo chic look, a pink and brown color scheme is perfect for you. Paint your walls from one the colors listed below to help set a soft backdrop. This will pair very well with striking brown furniture. 

Paint colors to consider: 

  • Tissue Pink by Benjamin Moore 
  • Ella Rose by Magnolia Home 
  • Radiant Rose by Behr 
white and brown decor living
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White and Brown (Neutral)

For a beautiful neutral color palette, look no further than white and brown. When design your living room, look for cool and warm shades of white and brown leather tones to achieve a result that is sophisticated but not overdone or fussy. 

Paint colors to consider:

  • Mountain Peak by Benjamin Moore 
  • Shiplap by Magnolia Home 
  • True White by Magnolia Home 
  • Polar Bear by Behr 

Sprucing up your living room doesn’t have to be costly. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can do the trick. If you are looking for advice on living room color palettes or want to get samples of the some of the colors listed above, head on over to local hardware store for help! And don’t forget to visit our upcoming home show to speak with the painting experts in your area.