Photo Courtesy of All American Gutter Protection

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Better yet, when was the last time you looked at your gutters to determine how they were holding up? For many people, cleaning the gutters is a chore that one usually avoids until they absolutely have to. But the reality is, getting your gutters cleaned regularly is the only way to ensure they will work properly. Here are three reasons why you get your gutters cleaned soon. 

To Preserve Your Home’s Foundation

We asked the experts at All American Gutter Protection, “why is it so important to get your gutters cleaned?” They say, one of the biggest reasons is to protect the foundation of your home. Over time, leaves and debris tend to build up in your gutter systems which can result in a clog when water attempts to flow through. As a result, water builds up and overflows which could lead to cracks in the foundation of your home. By getting your gutters cleaned regularly you save yourself from the stress of potentially larger home repair costs.

To Prevent Basement Flooding and Roof Damage

Another reason to get your gutters cleaned regularly is to prevent damage to your roof and flooding in your basement. When water backs up in the gutter system your roof is one of the first things that can be damaged. Not only does that mean a labor-intensive roof repair, but it can also mean ceiling damage if left untreated and unnoticed. 

Basements can also suffer from unmaintained gutters. If your gutter’s downspouts are clogged and don’t drain far enough away from the house (a recommended 6-10 feet away), water can seep into your basement and cause large backups in the sewage and other drains.

To Prevent Damage to the Siding

Like the roof, siding can be massively affected by un-cleaned gutters. The overflow of water can trickle into the siding of your home causing mold build-ups and damage to the outside protection of the house leaving you with another home repair. 

clogged and damaged gutter full of leaves and greenery
Photo Courtesy of All American Gutter Protection

Bonus – Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing Not Just Cleaning

A correctly installed gutter system should last 30 years if they don’t clog with leaves. If your gutter is getting filled with leaves it will create uneven gutters and water damage, significantly decreasing the performance of your gutters.  It might be time to consider replacing your gutters if you see leaks or spots where they sag. You may also see puddles where your water is not flowing away from your home properly, these are big warning signs that it’s time to look at replacing your gutter system. 

Join Us at the Home Show

It’s important to take care of your gutters before the rainy seasons hit so that you aren’t left with more structural or home damage. If you’re looking for additional advice or you need help cleaning your gutters join us and gutter repair/cleaning experts at Florida’s Largest Home March 20th-22nd at the Florida State Fairgrounds.