As our home’s roofs age the opportunity for weakened spots in your roof, and subsequent opens for leaks, increase greatly. Some homeowners may not be as concerned about a leaky roof as they should be though. Here are four unexpected dangers of a leaky roof that you should be worried about.

ceiling damage and mold from leaky roof
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Attic and Ceiling Damage

First and foremost, if you have a leaky roof you may start to see the adverse signs of this too late. If water and/or animals are getting into your attic from your roof they can start to cause damage to your attic and ceiling, which in turn could lead to larger, more expensive issues that will need to be repaired in addition to getting your roof fixed.

Fire Hazard

If you have any electrical wiring in your attic, your leaky roof can be a huge fire hazard for you. This can even be true with wiring that you have in your walls. If water gets onto exposed wiring it can cause the wires to short and lead to a fire. Make sure you are checking your roof regularly to prevent this type of damage to your home.

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Mold & Health Conditions

Where there is standing water or consistently soak material there is usually mold, especially in places like your attic. Mold can even spread through the home’s structure to your HVAC system. As a homeowner, you will want to make sure that if your roof is leaking you repair it quickly. Mold can lead to really bad respiratory issues and impact the overall health of you and your family. 

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Structural Issues

The most unexpected danger for a leaky roof though is the structural damage it can cause to your home. A leaky roof can lead to things like damaged rafters, ceiling joints, and wall framing. These will lead to disastrous things like collapses which put you and your family at risk. Water from your leaky roof can even seep into the other living spaces of your home, like the walls, and begin causing issues such paint peeling or soft spots where there will be large home improvement cost associated.

Overall, if you are worried that you have a leaky roof it’s important to tackle that project now before more detrimental damage can be done to your home. Avoid the unexpected dangers of a leaky roof and visit our upcoming home show to meet with your local roofing expert, get a quote, and learn about the ways you can finance your new roof.