Pastels, as you well may know, are colors lightened with white to achieve a calm, creamy version of the original. The resulting colors bring to mind all the emerging buds of spring and Easter baskets filled with bright eggs and candies. Spring and the Easter season are the perfect time to bring these light pastels into your home décor!

The most popular pastels for this season are blush pink, pistachio and mint greens, sky blue, and periwinkle. The pastel pinks and greens speak of apple and cherry blossoms on newly budding branches. The blue calls to mind sweet spring water, and light purple is often used to represent spirituality. Together, these colors create a peaceful atmosphere with a fresh, joyful spirit. 

If you’re ready to bring some of that calm, blossoming energy into your home this season, here are a few ideas for picking the perfect pastel décor to brighten your home!

For the Walls

  1. Garlands: For a quick and easy splash of color, hang a spring garland in your living or dining area. This multi-colored garland features felt balls in six delightful pastel colors. It’s great for hanging from a mantel or draping across a dining room wall to celebrate the season simply. 
  2. Art: For an even bolder statement, trade out your current wall art for a floral canvas like this Dreams in Pastel or an abstract pastel set like these prints on linen paper. Or, you can go 3D with a flower décor set in pastel green.
  3. Lights: For a fun, floral take on string lights, grab a string of these pastel Origami Flowers LED lights. They’re great for above reading areas or in a kid’s room, and they feel more elegant and spring-y than bare bulbs.

For Tables, Shelves, and Surfaces

Add a dash of spring to an office shelf with this Pastel Egg and Berries Decorative Floral Spray. The light pastel Easter eggs and berries pop on this nature-inspired brown stem. The gentle pinks, blues, greens, and purples welcome new growth for the season.

Grab these Farmhouse Painted Mason Jars in your choice of pastels and fill with sprigs of new leaves from your garden or fresh-looking faux flowers from the same shop! The most popular color combo is Mint Green, Pink, Yellow, and Paris Blue – together, they create a sweet accent to a countertop or island.

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For the Living Room & Bedrooms

  1. Pillows: Throw pillows are a great way to liven up your living room for spring. Proclaim the spirit of the season with a printed pillow like this Bloom & Grow pastel throw, or let the colors do the talking with a throw like this Pastel Swatch pillow of all shades of purple and white.
  2. Blankets: A throw blanket is great for those sometimes-chilly spring days, but the pastel reminds you, “Hey, it’s still Spring out there!” The muted pastels in this geometric pattern are calmly warming, while the pastels in this multi-colored woven throw pop with the addition of a vibrant pink and red.
spring pastel decor for living room
Photo by Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Kitchen & Dining

  1. Plates: Pastel plates and serving trays create a sense of freshness and fun for the season. Fill them with fresh, light foods, holiday cupcakes, or use them for egg decorating! We love these Talking Tables We Heart Pastel hexagonal plates and these flower-shaped Pastel Daisy Plates.
  2. Tablecloths: Pastel tablecloths are a great way to bring a large block of color to your dining area. Go for various pastels with a Spring Plaid Tablecloth or a solid like this one in a cheerful canary yellow.

Outdoor Décor

Welcome in guests just as you’re welcoming in spring with a pastel welcome mat like this Pastel Rainbow Mosaic Pattern doormat. You can also brighten your doorway with those pale pinks, joyful yellows, and grass greens in a wreath like this pastel ribbon wreath accented with a cute bunny outline.

There are so many ways to decorate for spring, but there’s no question about it pastel décor is a great way to go!