According to the EPA, “people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. This is one of the many reasons why homeowners should prioritize their windows. When it comes to determining what type of windows to get, a living room bay window is always a good option. Here are four reasons why you should consider installing a bay window.

More Natural Light

Due to the three-panel design, a living room bay window is incredibly helpful for bringing in more natural light into your home. A bay window is designed with three or more panels that are place on a variation of angles. This angled design brings in light from all the main angles and can maximize the amount of daylight in your home.

Better Ventilation

Having good window ventilation is really important for minimizing your risk of condensation build up which can cause major health problems in the long run. A living room bay window is one of the best styles for added ventilation in your home. The center window stays fixated while the other two windows can be operable. A casement or double-hung window are great for ventilation can be the perfect type of window for the other side panels.

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living room bay window with cushioned seats
Photo By Archi_Viz/ Shutterstock

Extra Storage or Seating

A bay window is essentially an extension of your home. It juts out from the side of your house and is perfect for increasing the amount of space in your living room. A bay window can be perfect for adding additional seating or even storage. Many homeowners have added padding to their bay window bench or built-in bookshelf space to make it a cozy nook for reading.

Increase Home Value/Curb Appeal

Lastly, for homeowners that are looking to increase their home’s value or curb appeal, a living room bay window is the perfect opportunity. Bay windows are a classic and timeless window setting that many prospective home buyers look for in their search.

If you’re thinking about installing a bay window for your home, make sure you talk with a window professional. To meet some local window professionals in your area, visit us at our next Home Show and get a quote on your next project.