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One of the most important factors of window replacement is timing. While it’s normal to want to get the most of your current windows, it’s also important that you don’t wait too long as it could lead to comprising your home and costing you more money. We asked FAS Windows & Doors of Tampa, “what are some telltale signs that your windows may be failing?” Here are their responses:

Recurring Hot and Cold Drafts

One of the first signs of needing window replacements is the presence of recurring drafts. In some cases, this will be hot air, but usually, we notice the draft when the air is colder than usual. A few key places to pay attention to are around the frame of the window and on the glass, itself.  

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Excessive Condensation

If on particularly cool/cold days you notice a “sweat” or sheen-like fog on the windows, you may have a problem with condensation. Condensation on your current windows can mean that the glazing and gas fill are losing their effectiveness. This could also be due to the weakening seals. A weakened window seal will make it easy for moisture to find its way between the glass panes, forming condensation from the inside. 

Windows Not Opening Properly

Ever try to pull the window open or closed and it doesn’t open smoothly? That is because windows, like many things, age. Older windows tend to develop balance issues which leads to jamming and sticking. Rusting can also be a contributor indicating that your current windows are close to the end of its service life. 

Visible Cracks, Decay or Water Damage

It probably goes without saying, but visible cracks in the window are also a telltale sign it’s time for a window replacement. Cracks if left untreated can lead to drafts and sometimes health issues. Other warning signs can be decay and water damage around the seams and frames. 

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Lack of Ventilation

A lack of ventilation may stem from the style and placement of old windows. If you are looking to naturally ventilate then it’s necessary to have fully functioning windows in strategic places throughout the home. Some of the best window styles for ventilation include casement windows, sliding windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows. 

Worn or Missing Weather Stripping

If the weather stripping around the window is starting to get worn or is missing, this can be another sign it’s time to consider a window replacement. The weather stripping stops external rain and moisture from penetrating through window openings by rerouting the water. Its job is to hold in the home’s interior air for warmth and comfort, as well as save on energy. Which leads us into our last warning sign:

High Power Bills

Excessively high or abnormal power and electric bills are a big sign that it’s time to get your windows replaced. At this point, usually one or more of the above warning signs have been occurring and now it’s starting to come out of your pocket. By replacing your windows, you will be allowing your HVAC system to be more centralized to your interior thus saving you money in the long run. 

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