Is your home outdated and in need of a serious makeover? A lot of people dream about re-doing some rooms of their home but the thought of remodeling and demolition scares them. Well, we’re here to help ease your mind and give you the 5 ways you can update your home without any demolition. Sometimes it can be as simple as a good paint job to transform a room. Other updates may take a little more time and effort from you.

Some people wait years to achieve their Instagram-inspired homes. Instead of staring at a kitchen that belongs in the last century, follow these tips for a simple home makeover with no renovations. We only have 5 tips to share, but has a full list of 10 ways you can transform your home.

Add New Lighting

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Sometimes replacing poor lightning fixtures can miraculously transform a room. A poorly lit room can make a space look cramped, but with a simple fix like adding floor or table lamps can open up your space. Of course, replacing ceiling light fixtures may require you to call an electrician for installation.

Install Easy-To-Remove Wallpaper

Easy to install-and-remove wallpaper has really taken off. It’s probably the easiest way to transform a room without any tough renovations. Removing the wallpaper is as easy as peeling a wrapper. Consider covering the main wall of your bedroom or an accent wall in your living room with a funky geometric wallpaper.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to transform your bathroom from dingy to modern without tearing out cabinets, walls or sinks. Replacing things such as door knobs, light fixtures, vanity mirrors and shower curtains can make a brand-new space. A coat of fresh paint can go really far, as well as adding some plush towels, new bathroom rugs and some pretty plants.

Work On Your Green Thumb

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Landscaping can often be overlooked. Although completely re-landscaping your yard can be a lot of work and money, planting a couple new trees or flowers can elevate your curb appeal. Don’t know where to start? Consult with a local greenhouse about local plant life. Ask them what plants thrive best in your area and, more importantly, what plants are the easiest to care for. Unlike these other projects, it may not change overnight, but time and patience will give you a beautiful yard.

Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Elevate Any Room

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Maybe all of these other projects seem overwhelming for you. Start your home makeover journey by giving your most-needed space a new paint job. There are also plenty of painting trends on social media. A lot of people recently have painted their ceilings and mid-wall to create a modern feel. A deep clean and a new coat of paint can go a long way when it comes to revamping our rooms without major renovations.