Your outdoor spaces deserve just as much love as your indoors. One of the best ways to bring your outdoors to life is by repaving and redesigning your driveway. We asked experts at Concrete Design Tampa Bay,“what types of driveway remodels do you think we will see in 2020?” Here are their answers: 

Photo Courtesy of Concrete Design Tampa Bay

1. Experimenting with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors can be the spark that distinguishes your house from the rest of the block. Using warm and cool neutrals on your driveway not only helps bring out the greenery in the front yard, but can also provide a beautiful contrast to your home’s siding and color. 

2. Smooth and Minimalist Designs

Minimalist driveway designs are another trend to expect from 2020. These driveways will feature a smooth texture, but with an added “oomph” to your home. The simplicity and smoothness of the design will draw any passer-by’s attention to not only the driveway but to the other outdoor fixtures you pride yourself on.

3. Unconventional Patterns

While some people prefer a smooth, minimalist design, others will enjoy the latest trend of unconventional patterns and designs. Jagged edges, unique geometric shapes, and mosaic like designs will add a modern and new decade approach to your driveway. 

4. Stamped Textures

Photo Courtesy of Concrete Design Tampa Bay

It may seem weird that both smooth and stamped textures would be trends in 2020, but your driveway should match the way you design your home. Stamped textures can bring out the edgy and daring designs of your internal décor to your outdoor décor. A stamped texture gives your driveway a more realistic stone feel. 

5. Mixing Materials

Whether you like the look of pavers, concrete, or brick, experimenting with a mixture of materials can show off your design chops and compliment you house well. 

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